Chongqing Rail Group SONGZ Air Conditioning 2021 Technical Exchange Conference was successfully held

On June 30, 2021, in the meeting room 602 of Chongqing Rail Transit Group Building, the Rail Transit Department and Chongqing Rail (Group) Company held the SONGZ Air Conditioning 2021 Technology Exchange Conference. The Operation Management Center of Chongqing Rail (Group) Company attached great importance to the meeting and arranged for the participation of technical backbone personnel from the New Line Department, the first operating company, the second operating company, the third operating company, the fourth operating company, and the overhaul company.

Our side was introduced by Liu Jie, Deputy Director of the Technical and Quality Department of Rail Transit, focusing on the thermal comfort of the air-conditioning system, the application of new technologies, the energy-saving and environmental protection of air-conditioning, and the interchangeability and performance improvement of retrofit projects that customers care about. Vice President Pan Yinhua, Market Minister Zhu Hui and Zhong Huawei attended the exchange meeting.

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At the meeting, the owner’s technicians were particularly interested in the utilization of condensate water residual cooling, new intelligent electrostatic dust removal technology, EC fan application, thermal comfort improvement, precise temperature control, etc., and hoped that technological innovations with obvious economic benefits could be found in In the future, new projects will be implemented, and the two sides will continue to strengthen and deepen exchanges in production, learning, research, and application.

Post time: Jul-06-2021