Leaders from Huainan Science and Technology Bureau and Minhang Science and Technology Commission visited SONGZ

On the afternoon of April 23, 2021, Ms. Wang Rui’an, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Huainan Science and Technology Bureau, and Mr. Wang Ganghua, Science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, visited Songzhi for exchange and study. Mr. Huang Guoqiang, Vice President of SONGZ, Mr. Qin Feng, Dean of Refrigeration Research Institute, Mr. Hu Yuliang, Vice President, and Mr. Tan Renke, Director of Enterprise Management Department, received the reception together.


First of all, accompanied by the company’s leadership, I visited the science and technology exhibition hall, the trial production center, the wind tunnel laboratory and the intelligent production workshop. During the visit, Dr. Huang focused on introducing the company’s development history and the investment and construction of the wind tunnel laboratory to the visitors, which was unanimously praised by the visitors.


At the symposium, Dr. Huang showed the company’s innovative concept of “science and technology lead the future, innovation achieves excellence” to the visiting guests, and gave a detailed introduction to the company’s current technical cooperation with external companies and universities.

Ms. Wang Anrui, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Huainan Science and Technology Bureau, said that she had fully studied and understood SONGZ’s innovative concepts. For this exchange, she felt the importance of enterprise innovation and development at different stages and stages, and the courage to lead industry innovation. Through this friendly exchange between the two parties, the outside world has deepened the understanding of SONGZ Group and further promoted opportunities for cross-regional cooperation.


Post time: Apr-29-2021