“Strive for high yield, resist high temperature and send coolness” we are in action


“Strive for high yield, resist high temperature and send coolness” we are in action

Since the beginning of July, the temperature has continued to rise since the middle of July, and it coincides with the peak of production. The employees of the company’s production and service lines, for their responsibility and perseverance, stick to their posts for the sake of Suzhou. NTCAC provides a strong guarantee for safe production, customer satisfaction, and stable vehicle operation.


Strive for high yield

Strive for production and race against time to ensure production. Everywhere in the workshop can be seen the busy figure of employees, all the front-line production staff concentrate their efforts, race against time, work hard to ensure quality, quantity and production.

Resist high temperature

Fighting the heat and scorching heat, ensure that the service is not slack. Since the beginning of summer, the high temperature has continued, the scorching sun is like fire, and the heat waves are rolling in. The outdoor temperature soars above 40 degrees Celsius. In such a “sauna day”, most people hide in air-conditioned rooms. In order to better serve customers, overseas and domestic service personnel work hard and diligently. We take the overall situation as the top priority, work together, and are willing to endure hardships, be affected, and work hard without complaints. High temperature, scorching heat.

The outdoor temperature in Qatar is as high as 43 degrees. In order to ensure the normal use of vehicle air conditioners for overseas users, overseas service personnel are working.

In order to ensure the health of front-line employees and do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling, the company’s labor union, safety committee and related departments focus on heatstroke prevention and cooling with one hand, and safety production with the other, organize and carry out cool-off activities, buy ice cubes every day and place them in the workshop to cool down for frontline employees. Distribute beverages and mineral water, provide mung bean soup in the cafeteria, provide air-conditioned lunch break venues for frontline employees, and send coolness and care to frontline employees.

Under the high temperature “baking” test, the new co-creator competed with the high temperature, and used diligence and sweat to compose a moving movement of winning high production and fighting the high temperature. The company also always pays attention to the physical condition of the employees, and takes various measures to pass on the care to the frontline employees. The safety work of employees in the hot summer day is fully guaranteed.

Post time: January-19-2023
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