Electric Air Conditioner For Electric Bus And Coach, Double Air Return

Full Electric Air Conditioner for Electric Bus, and Coach ESD Series, double air return area, for 8-12m E-bus




ESD series new energy bus air conditioning is a kind of roof mounted air conditioner, with different models to apply for the electric buses from 8m to 12m. The ESD series supports with various optional technology, like the Cloud control technology, the high-voltage connection anti-loosening technology, the roof unit integrated battery thermal management system(BTMS) technology, the vehicle thermal management technology, the DC750 high voltage technology, the Condensation water reduction technology, the air purifier technology inside the bus and the energy-saving aluminum alloy compressor.

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SONGZ Intelligent Electric Modular Architecture (SIEMA) Structure

Intelligent modular platform design (SONGZ SIEMA3 platform), which realizes modular design and combination of compressor, electrical control, condenser and evaporator, integrated thermal management system and etc. The product design is efficient and reliable, and the generalization rate of platform product spare parts can reach 72% .

Technical Specification of Electric Bus A/C ESD Series:
Cooling CapacityStandard16kW18kW20kW22kW
Recommended Bus Length(Applicable to China's climate )
8.0 ~8.8 m8.9 ~9.4 m9.5 ~10.4 m10.5 ~12 m
Air Flow Volume(Zero Pressure) Condenser (Fan Quantity)6000 m3/h (3)8000 m3/h (4)8000 m3/h (4)10000 m3/h (5)
Evaporator (Blower Quantity)4000 m3 /h (4)4000 m3 /h (4)5400 m3 /h (6)6000 m3 /h (6)
Roof Unit Dimension2670*2000*278mm3170*2000*278mm3170*2000*278mm3170*2000*278mm
Electricity Consumption6.7kW7.5kW8.4kW9.2kW

Technical Note:

1. The input power voltage of the air conditioner can adapt to DC250-DC750V, and the control voltage is DC24V (DC20-DC28.8).  ESD series is not suitable for the trolleybus.

2. The refrigerant is R407C.

3. The fan is DC motor.

4. Integrated battery thermal management options:

The charging outlet water temperature is 7℃-15℃, the discharging outlet water temperature is 11℃-20℃, charging ≤10Kw, discharging ≤1-3Kw, the compressor needs to use Highly compressor.

The ESD Series E-Bus AC Functions Upgrade (Optional)

1.Intelligent modular platform design (SONGZ SIEMA3  platform), realizes modular combination of compressor unit, electric control system, throttling system, evaporator, condenser, etc., and the design is efficient and reliable.

2.Lightweight design, aluminum alloy bottom shell design, partial hollow design of condenser, compressor and control cavity, aluminum integrated compressor, 30% lighter.

3.The overall roof design of the air-conditioning unit has less connections, less fixation, small size, and beautiful appearance; the windward layout makes full use of the driving wind of the passenger cabin to improve the energy efficiency of product operation.

4. The top mount adopts the unique noise reduction and system integration design of secondary shock absorption. Among all platforms, this platform has the lowest noise, the best system and the highest energy efficiency ratio.

5. The EMC of the product meets the requirements of GB/T 18655 level 3, and the system adopts independent intellectual property rights insulation design, which is safe and reliable, and has passed EU standard certification.

6. The compressor adopts DC frequency conversion (permanent magnet synchronous) technology, combined with adaptive frequency conversion control, high-end products are equipped with electronic expansion valves, precise control, energy saving, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

7.The electric control adopts an all-in-one design, which effectively reduces the space occupied by the electrical layout, and the wiring harness design is beautiful.

8. Integrated battery thermal management function, outputting 3-10kw battery cooling capacity according to customer requirements without affecting the cooling effect of the vehicle.

9.Air purification function, including four functions: electrostatic dust collection, ultraviolet light, strong ion generator, and photo catalyst filtration, to achieve sterilization, odor removal and efficient dust removal, and effectively block the transmission of viruses.


10. "Cloud control" function, realize remote control and diagnosis, and improve product service and monitoring capabilities through big data application.



11. PTC electric heating, according to different configurations and ambient temperature, start PTC in time, assist heating, and realize heating in the full temperature range.