Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Bus, and Coach

Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Bus, and Coach JLE Series, BTMS, Roof mounted



The BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System) of the whole battery consists of the cooling module, the heating module, the pump, the expansion water tank, the connecting pipe and the electric control. The cooling liquid is cooled (or heated) by the cooling module (or the heating module), and the cooling solution is circulated in the cooling system of the battery by the pump. The cooling module consists of an electric scroll compressor, a parallel flow condenser, a plate heat exchanger, a H expansion valve and a condensing fan. The cooling module and the heating module are directly connected in series to the system pipeline, and each part of the circulation system is connected through the body hot water pipe and the conversion joint.

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Technical Specification of Electric Bus BTMS JLE Series:




Applicable Temperature(℃)-25~20 -25~20 
Applicable Volume(m3)14~20 18~24 
Applicable Volume -18℃(m3)18 22 
Cooling Capacity(W)
1.74250 5100 
-17.82420 2800 
EvaporatorAirflow Volume m3/h18001800
Charging Volume(kg)

Front mounted

Dimension mm1508*608*6521508*608*652

Technical Note:

1. Performance: the BTMS can measure and monitor the battery temperature in real time through the BMS system. The cooling and heating reaction speed is fast.

2. Energy saving: the refrigeration module electrical control system adopts advanced frequency conversion control technology and high efficiency DC frequency conversion scroll compressor, which is about 20% energy saving than ordinary compressor.

3. Environmental protection: BTMS is independent, using parallel flow condenser and plate heat exchanger, which make sure to have the refrigerant charge less.

4. High safety: the product has designed two stage insulation, high and low pressure and pressure relief protection device, which greatly guaranteed the safety of product use.

5. Easy installation: the BTMS does not need to refrigerate on site, and the body is connected with hot water pipes for easy installation.

6. High reliability: the control system adopts single-chip microcomputer control technology, mature and reliable. Long life, low noise, no maintenance, longer life than general brush fan, compressor design life of 15 years, low failure rate.

 7. PTC heating function, at low temperature, PTC electric heater heating, to ensure that products in the cold area can also be able to use.