SONGZ History

In 1998

In 1998,


SONGZ started from bus air conditioner business, and started from zero. 


In 2004


In 2004,

Xiamen SONGZ was established, which focused on the R&D, manufacturing of bus air conditioning units.

At the same year, SONGZ passenger car air conditioning division was founded, devoting into the R&D, manufacturing & marketing of the passenger car air conditioning, HVAC and some key spare parts.

SONGZ air conditioning business was growing year by year. 

In 2005

In 2005,

Shanghai SONGZ Second factory was completed, which was designed as a comprehensive base for manufacturing of bus and car air conditioning units. 


In 2006


In 2006,

Anhui SONGZ was established, which is a joint venture between SONGZ and JAC. 

In 2007

In 2007,

Chongqing SONGZ was established. Chongqing SONGZ was focused on the manufacturing of car air conditioner. 


In 2008

In 2008,

SONGZ was identified by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee as a new high-tech enterprise of Shanghai.

At the same year, SONGZ was awarded by Shouqi Group as the Beijing Olympics "Service Champion" for the excellent performance and service of support during the Beijing Olympics.


Certificate of High-tech Enterprise of Shanghai


Beijing Olympics "Service Champion"

In 2009

In 2009,

Shanghai SONGZ Railway Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. was established, devoting into the R&D, manufacturing & marketing of the rail transit air conditioner.

With more than 10 years development, SONGZ has wide range of AC models for rail vehicles, such as AC for locomotive, train, monorail, metro (subway, underground) tram and so on. 


In 2010


In 2010,

SONGZ was listed into Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code:002454) and became the first listed company in the Chinese transport vehicle air conditioning industry.

In 2010

At the same year, SONGZ was awarded as foreign-funded advanced technical enterprise.


In 2011

In 2011,

Beijing SONGZ and SuperCool (shanghai) Refrigeration Co., Ltd. were established.

Beijing SONGZ was devoted into the manufacturing of air conditioning systems for passenger cars.

Supercool is a joint venture between SONGZ group and CIMC (China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd, which is the largest marine containers manufacture in the world.) Supercool is specialized in the R&D, manufacturer and marketing of full range of truck refrigeration units for the cold chain. 


In 2014


In 2014,

Liuzhou SONGZ was established, devoting into the manufacturing of air conditioning system for MPV, SUV, car and electric car. 

In 2015

In 2015,

Shanghai SONGZ third factory was completed, which is now the HQ of SONGZ group. This is also the advanced intelligent and smart manufacturing base for car air conditioning units, bus air conditioning units, air conditioner compressor and electric compressor, and spare parts. 


In 2016

In 2016,

Indonesia SONGZ was established. This was SONGZ first overseas factory, which is the first step for SONGZ globalization strategy, followed by Lumikko in Finland. 


In 2017

In 2017,

SONGZ acquired and held shares of Suzhou NTC,Beijing Shougang Foton and Finland Lumikko.

Suzhou NTC is a famous brand of bus air conditioner in Chinese market. By the acquisition, SONGZ and NTC made a strong union in the market for technology, products, sales, service.

Lumikko, a famous brand in Europe and is a high quality manufacturer of temperature control devices for trucks and trailers. It's maintenance point system with strong focus n Nordic countries. 


In 2018

In 2018,

SONGZ ushered in the 20th anniversary and climate wind tunnel center was established.

At the same year, SONGZ made history by produced more than 10,000 (ten thousand) units of bus air conditioner in single month in Nov.

SONGZ supplied in total of 54,049 units of bus air conditioner to the market of China and foreign countries, including 28,373 units of electric bus air conditioner in 2018.


In 2019

In 2019,

SONGZ INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. was established, which was the further step for SONGZ globalization.

At the same year, SONGZ announced the strategy to set up a global service network by having at least 100 service stations in the world out of China, so as to provide timely service for our international customers.

During the same period, Lumikko China local production was realized when the first LT9 unit and L6BHS unit of Lumikko's Shanghai plant were off the assembly line. 


In 2020


In 2020,

SONGZ acquired a 55% stake in Keihin-Grand Ocean Thermal Technology (Dalian) Co.Ltd , which is a respected and leading Japanese company specialized in the auto air conditioning industry.