SONGZ Overview


SONGZ AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING CO., LTD herein referred as SONGZ, was founded in 1998. It is a joint-stock company specializing in research, development, manufacturing and sales of vehicle air-conditioning systems. It was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Stock abbreviation: SONGZ, stock code: 002454. This makes SONGZ the first listed company in the Chinese transport vehicle air conditioning industry. SONGZ devotes itself to automobile air conditioning systems as a premium brand and will become a world-class supplier with state-of-the-art technique and in-house processing in the near future.

SONGZ business covers electric and conventional large and medium-sized bus air conditioner, passenger car air conditioner, rail transit air conditioner, truck refrigeration units, electric compressor, and vehicle air conditioner spare parts.

SONGZ Six Core Businesses


SONGZ Manufacturing Base

With 13 manufacturing base, SONGZ has formed a layout centered on Shanghai, China and based on Finland, Indonesia and China in Anhui, Chongqing, Wuhan, Liuzhou, Chengdu, Beijing, Xiamen, Suzhou and other cities. The total number of employees have been more than 3,000.


SONGZ HQ, Shanghai China


SONGZ Global Market Presence

SONGZ bus air conditioning products have been supplied to almost all bus manufacturers in China, like Yutong, BYD, Golden Dragon, Zhongtong, and etc. The products are exported to more than 40 countries, including the European countries like, England, Italy, and Nordic countries, American countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and also exported to Australia and New Zealand.

At the same time, we have accumulated a large number of customer resources in the business field of passenger car air conditioning, rail transit vehicle air conditioning and truck refrigeration units. 




Hino Philippines

KIWI New Zealand

LAZ Ukraine

SONGZ Major Clients of Bus Manufacturer

The product has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad with high quality standards such as energy saving, environmental protection, safety, low noise, comfort, and light weight.

SONGZ has always adhered to the "efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly" product strategy and the "high-tech, high-quality, high-service" technical marketing market concept, determined to become a world-class automobile thermal management expert.

SONGZ Manufacturing Capability

SONGZ introduces world-leading intelligent equipments and information system so as to ensure production efficiency, stability and accuracy.

Advanced equipment such as full-automatic production line/assembly line, automatic ammonia detection line, automatic processing line of dynamic and static vortex plates, high-speed fin Machine, automatic argon arc welding machine, brazing furnace and laser welding machine greatly improves the production efficiency.

SONGZ integrates resources and information as well as Informatization and industrialization and builds a digitalized intelligent factory using information systems such as ERP,MES and WMS.

778_0245 (02810)

Automatic Ammonia Detection Line

High-speed Fin Machine 高速翅片机

High-speed Fin Machine

automatic argon arc welding machine 自动氩弧焊机_看图王

Automatic Argon Arc Welding Machine


Brazing Furnace


Laser Welding Machine


Robot Arm

In the era of Industry 4.0, SONGZ actively builds technologically advanced smart factories, establishes intelligent manufacturing, creates the goal of smart enterprises, improves the production management level of enterprises, makes production management more information-based, automated, digital and scientific, improves production efficiency, and promotes enterprises Manufacturing upgrade.

SONGZ Quality Assurance

Quality Policy: Carry out system standards and focus on customer satisfaction.

Win customer satisfaction through continuous measurement and review.

Environmental Policy: Environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, recycling, total involvement, abidance by rule and continuous improvement.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy: Health foremost, safety first, scientific prevention, total involvement, abidance by rule and continuous improvement.


SONGZ strictly enforces TS16949 and focuses on customer satisfaction, total involvement and quality management. During incoming quality control, SONGZ continuously optimizes sampling plan for reliability and continuously improve test tools for reliability of test results. SONGZ now has 527 test tools analyzes test tools according to MSA so as to satisfy the requirements. Besides, SONGZ ensures homogeneity of products through review, optimization and training of suppliers and carries our third-party test of key parts yearly to ensure the air conditioning systems with safe and reliable performance. During process control, SONGZ advocates total involvement, mutual inspection, initial and final inspection and whole-process monitoring. For key processes, high-performance test tools are adopted to ensure product reliability and full automatic ammonia detection equipment is adopted specially for air tightness of air conditioning system. Three-in-one automatic safety test equipment is adopted so as to satisfy the requirements on product safety. Complete inspection is carried out to ensure product safety and reliability. Key process are analyzed using SPC so as to ensure stability and offer analytical data to quality improvement.

SONGZ masters product usage according to market feedback, fully and truthfully reflects overall condition through satisfaction survey, carries out PDCA and continuously improves the product quality. 


BS OHSAS 18001:2007


IATF 16949:2016


GB/T 19001-2008/ISO 9001:2008


ISO 14001:2015


Air Conditioning Performance Test Bench


Semi-anechoic Room


Vibration Test Bench

SONGZ Honors Wall


Since establishment in 1998, SONGZ has won the satisfaction and praise from our customers from China and abroad as excellent supplier and solution provider of automobile air conditioning systems.


This is especially worth to highlight that SONGZ independently developed "Manufacturing Technology and Application of Micro Channel Tubes and Heat Exchangers", and the project won the "Chinese National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize", which is the highest praise from the Chinese State Council in the automobile air conditioning industry.


And SONGZ has won the recognition from the automobile air conditioning industry and from the society for the contributions that SONGZ made for the development of technology in the mobile air conditioning industry and social responsibility that SONGZ take.


Excellent Supplier for CRRC, China

Excellent Supplier for Foton, China

Excellent Supplier for Hino, Philippines

Excellent Supplier for SANY, China


Beijing Olympics Service Champion

China National Science & Technology Progress Award

CNAS Lab Accreditation Certificate

Supplier Laboratory Accreditation Certificate for BYD

Enterprise Principle:Strive for the improvement on human living environment.

Enterprise Vision:Become the worlds first-class mobile air-conditioner provider.

Management Policy:Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, stockholder satisfaction.


SONGZ Enterprise Culture

Culture is the soul of enterprise and culture concept is an invisible power for operation and management. SONGZ has adhered to the cultural concept of "people-oriented" for years.

SONGZ provides all employees with a vast stage, fully arouses their enthusiasm, creates and provides fair opportunities for them and hope to grow together with them.

SONGZ International Team Culture:

Customer Focused.

Team Work.

Openness & Diversity.

Sincerity & Dedication.

Simplicity & Frankness.

2019年10月参加比利时展会 EUROPE BRUSSELS 2019 (18-23 OCT 2019)_看图王
2020年2月土耳其展会 Busworld Turkey 2020 (05-07 March 2020 Istanbul)_看图王

SONGZ Team Wisdom

Cooperate with Absolute Sincerity and Focused on Long-term Development.

The success of an enterprise is determined by teamwork. SONGZ has a professional and reliable management team which grows together with the company and leads to employees to achieve their goals by virtue of strong cohesive force, strong sense of responsibility and indomitable determined spirit. 


Move forward with a grateful heart, and harvest brilliance with hard work.

SONGZ, Creates a new era of mobile air conditioning!