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SE series is a kind of full electric truck refrigeration unit for minivan, van or truck that used for short or middle distance transport.

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Electric & New Energy Truck Refrigeration Unit









SE series is a kind of full electric truck refrigeration unit for minivan, van or truck that used for short or middle distance transport. 

Technical Specification of Truck Refrigeration SE Series:

Model SE200-T SE250 SE400 SE500
Suitable power DC300V≤ Vehicle≤DC700V electric standby AC220V DC300V≤ Vehicle≤DC700V electric standby AC220V DC300V≤ Vehicle≤DC700V electric standby AC380V /AC220V DC300V≤ Vehicle≤DC700V electric standby AC380V/AC220V
 Applicable Temperature(℃) -25~20 -25~20 -25~20 -25~20
Applicable Volume(m3) 5~8 6~10 12~18 14~22
Applicable Volume -18℃(m3) 6 8 16 18

Cooling Capacity(W)                 

1.7℃ 2100 2350 3900 5100
  -17.8℃ 1210 1350 1950 2800
Compressor Type

Fully enclosed rotor type

Fully enclosed rotor type (DC frequency conversion)
  Voltage AC220V/3~/50Hz AC220V/3~/50Hz AC220V/3~/50Hz AC220V/3~/50Hz
Evaporator Airflow Volume(m3/h) 900 1800 1800 1800
Refrigerant R404A R404A R404A R404A
Charging Volume(kg) 1.1 1.2 1.5 1.5
Power(W) 1600 1700 2800 3500
Installation Roof mounted split unit

Front mounted integrated unit

Evaporator Dimension(mm) 610*515*160 1291*1172*265 1400*1152*482 1530*735*675
Condenser Dimension(mm) 1250*920*220      

Technical Note:

1. Cooling capacity marked with Chinese national standard GB/T21145-2007 ambient temperature 37.8.

2. The application of truck body volume is for reference only. The actual application volume relates to truck body thermal insulation properties, temperature and the loaded cargo. 

Detailed Technical Introduction of the SE Series

1. All-in-one unit: Meat trailer units suitable for loading more goods are being used more and more, which require more compact design and maintenance convenience. 


2. Sterilization and self-cleaning technology: cargo transportation produces a large amount of bacteria. The unit with UV and ozone sterilizer can sterilize and disinfect the entire carriage to avoid residual harmful substances and to maintain food safety. At the same time, special cleaning procedures are used to make the evaporator self-consolidate. The ice melts by itself, washing away the dirt on the surface of the evaporator, keeping the evaporator clean and odor-free.


3. Remote monitoring technology: The customer terminal, refrigerated truck manufacture, and refrigerating units manufacturer form an organic whole through the Internet, improve the quality and service level of the unit, and create greater value for customers.


4. DC frequency conversion technology: adopts sine wave full DC frequency conversion technology to control, the compressor efficiency is increased by more than 30% compared with general AC fixed frequency compressors, ensuring the mileage of the vehicle.

5. Development of R404A DC inverter compressor

Relying on the technical strength of Songz, it has developed a DC inverter compressor applied to the special R404A working medium for refrigeration , which can realize the requirements of rapid freezing and achieve the purpose of high efficiency, energy saving and precise temperature control.

While at present, the electric refrigeration units in the industry all use AC fixed-frequency compressors. This scheme has high energy consumption, large temperature fluctuations in the compartment, and cannot meet the requirements of preservation.


6. Brushless fan: The service life of the brush fan is increased from several thousand hours to more than 40,000 hours, the fan efficiency is increased by more than 20%, and the energy saving and economic efficiency are significantly improved. Application of continuous adjustment control, with pressure sensor and temperature sensor to achieve system optimization.


7. Development of three-in-one controller

Integrate the existing AC/DC-DC converters, frequency converters, and controller discrete components, share internal functional modules, and design three-in-one controller with high safety, high protection level (IP67), small size, and pre-charging function. EMC can meet the requirements of GB/T 18655 CLASS 3, and realize communication with the entire vehicle CAN bus, with remote monitoring function.


8. High safety design

Three-level insulation: Basic, auxiliary and reinforced insulation

Software protection: Over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and phase-loss automatic protection

Double high voltage protection: High-voltage switch & high-pressure relief device

Fire protection design: Advanced fireproof materials, anti-reverse design for positive and negative electrodes

Application Cases of the Truck Refrigeration Unit SE Series:


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