Air Conditioner For Bus, Coach, School Bus And Articulated Bus

Air Conditioner For Bus, Coach, School Bus And Articulated Bus SZR Series, Mid-To-High-End Bus, For 8.5-12.9m Bus, Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Condenser.





School Bus Air Conditioner

SONGZ develops durable and proven air conditioning systems for city, intercity, shuttle, school and tourist buses. Our mission is to provide the bus market with reliable and sustainable solutions with competitive and predictable life cycle costs.

SZR series is a kind of split roof top unit of air conditioner for 8.5m to 12.9m from mid-to-high-end conventional bus, coach, school bus or articulated bus. The cooling capacity of the series bus air conditioner ranges from 20kW to 40kW, (62840 to 136480 Btu/h or 17200 to 34400 Kcal/h). As for air conditioner for minibus or bus less than 8.5m, please refer to SZG series. Or you can contact with us at [email protected] for more details. 

Technical Specification of Bus A/C SZR Series:


Technical Note:

1. The whole system include the roof unit, air return grille, compressor, and the installation accessories, not include compressor bracket, belts, refrigerant.

2. The refrigerant is R134a.

3. Heating function, and alternator are optional.

4. Compressor BOCK, VALEO or AOKE is optional.

5. The fan & blower as option like brush or brushless.

6. Please contact us at [email protected] for more options and details. 

SZR Series R&D Background:

SZR series air conditioners are produced to meet the increasing appearance requirements of bus air conditioners in the bus industry. In order to achieve excellent appearance quality, SZR series air conditioners use a combination of molded SMC cover and aluminum alloy.

It effectively solves the problem of poor appearance of the traditional hand-painted fiber glass reinforced plastic roof of the bus air conditioning system. At the same time, it has in-depth optimized of the system and structure, taking into account the development trend of high efficiency and light weight.


Detailed Technical Introduction of the SZR Series Bus Air Conditioner 

1. AC cover: the cover adopts the method of SMC and aluminum alloy.

Compared with the traditional hand-made FRP top cover, the appearance quality is greatly improved, the average daily output is greatly enhanced. It's applicable to medium and high-grade public transportation and tourist buses.

Please turn to the SUPPRT-FAQ, to get to know more about the difference between SMC and the fiber glass cover. 


2. AC Appearance: Thin and streamline shape

The appearance of SZR series bus AC is streamlined, with beautiful appearance and thin design. The thickness of the air conditioner is 188mm, which is lower than the thickness of current conventional air conditioners.


Minimum thickness 188mm

3. AC Structure: Lightweight structure

The condenser base adopts an inverted V-shaped frame without bottom shell structure, the side beam is lightweight and optimized, and the evaporator assembly air duct adopts an innovative bottom shell integrated bending structure. Through the above methods, the weight of the air conditioner is greatly reduced.


Inverted V-shaped Frame


Integrated Bending Air Duct


Lightweight Side Beam Structure

4. AC Structure: Service & Maintenance Friendly

The top cover of SZR series air conditioner adopts a hinge connection structure, and the cover plate does not need to be removed when loading the vehicle, which greatly saves installation time. The condensing fan is installed from above, and the cover does not need to be opened when the condensing fan is replaced, and the evaporating fan is maintained during maintenance. At the same time, it is only necessary to open part of the side cover, which is easy to repair after sale.


Evaporator hinge structure


Condenser fan and hinge structure

5. AC Performance: High-efficiency condenser

SZR series bus air conditioners are designed according to the structure of bus air conditioner condensers, combined with CFD imitation and based on the actual analysis results, to optimize the flow arrangement of the condenser, and adopt the optimized design of unequal flow to achieve the high efficiency of the heat exchanger Heat exchange.


CFD analysis of wind speed of heat exchanger

6. AC Performance: Unique wind guide design

SZR series bus air-conditioning condenser is designed with a condenser fan air guide hood. The air guide hood adopts the Archimedes spiral principle and a circular cone design to optimize the air flow organization and eliminate the conventional heat without air guide. The problem of air return greatly improves the heat exchange effect of the air conditioner.


Unique condensing fan hood

Through simulation analysis and experimental testing, the air flow organization is more reasonable when the wind deflector is installed. Without shroud. The outflow air flow is dispersed, and the backflow phenomenon is more obvious.


Analysis of airflow without wind hood & airflow with air hood

7. AC Performance: Less refrigerant charging volume

Compared with the traditional bus air conditioner, SZR series adopts optimized heat exchanger design and optimized design of internal piping accessories. Reduce the refrigerant charge by 30%. Thereby reducing the impact of refrigerant leakage on the environment.

2. SZR 系列产品介绍7642

The SZQ Series Bus AC Functions Upgrade (Optional)

1. Defroster and Air conditioning in Driver's cabin

The defroster, and AC in driver's cabin can be installed according to customer's requirement, to provide a comfortable environment for the driver.

2. Integrated central control technology

The integration of the control panel and the vehicle instrumentation is convenient for the centralized layout of vehicle control. The remote control function of product control is added to facilitate customer operation management.

3. Plumbing and heating technology

The water heating pipe can be led out from the core of the evaporator to realize the heating function of the air conditioner and meet the requirements of the ambient temperature in the bus in the cold area.

4. Air purification technology

It includes mainly four functions: electrostatic dust collection, ultraviolet light, strong ion generator, and photocatalyst filtration, which can achieve full-time, uninterrupted anti-virus and sterilization, odor removal and efficient dust removal, effectively blocking the virus transmission path.


5. Remote control diagnosis technology

"Cloud control" function, realize remote control and diagnosis, and improve product service and monitoring capabilities through big data application.


6. Energy Regulation Technology

According to the temperature in the bus and the environment, the flow of the fan and compressor is adjusted in multiple stages to reduce the frequent start and stop of the compressor, improve the overall comfort of the passengers, and ensure that the system operates more efficiently.

The Application of the SZR Series Bus AC:

With the development of the market and the improvement of living standards, bus has gradually increased from traditional simple means of transportation to paying more attention to the improvement of comfort and transportation environment. Therefore, high-end passengers have been increasing year by year in recent years. SZR focuses on the appearance and is suitable for high- and mid-range buses. The market outlook is good.

1. The wide range of application

The bottom arc of the SZR series is suitable for roof arcs with a radius of 6~72 meters, the unit width is 1860mm, and the air outlet is directly fed into the air ducts on both sides of the bus, which is easy to install. The product series has 8 models from small to large, and the cooling capacity is 20~ 40KW, suitable for 8~13 meters buses.

5. Energy Regulation Technology

According to the temperature in the bus and the environment, the flow of the fan and compressor is adjusted in multiple stages to reduce the frequent start and stop of the compressor, improve the overall comfort of the passengers, and ensure that the system operates more efficiently.


Adapt to the wide range of roof curvature

2. Rich configuration Options

The SZR series is rich in configurations for different user groups, and there are multiple configurations for users to choose.

High-end configuration: mainly for the import configuration of public transport and high-end tourist buses, fans and other accessories

Economic configuration: It is mainly aimed at the configuration of economic buses, tourist buses, fans and other accessories.

3. Application Cases of the Bus Air Conditioner SZR Series:


Ankai(JAC)600 Bus installed with SONGZ air conditioner at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


Ankai(JAC)3,000 Bus installed with SONGZ air conditioner at Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


Foton 1,000 Bus installed with SONGZ air conditioner at Naypyidaw (Myanmar)