Air Purification and Disinfection System

Air purification and disinfection system

SONGZ air purification and disinfection system is a kind of ultimate virus killing device, with the function of antivirus, sterilizer, VOC filter and PM2.5 filter. 

The air purification specifications and technical parameters

Suitable for single return air conditioner:    



Suitable for double return air conditioner:




Strong ions have a very strong redox ability, can oxidize and decompose formaldehyde, methane, ammonia and other volatile odor gases (VOC) in the vehicle into cabin bon dioxide, water and oxygen. The removal rate reaches 95% after 1 hour of operation. 


On-sit test: After 25 minutes of in-depth purification, PM2.5 was reduced from 759 μg/m3 (six-grade heavy pollution) to 33 μg/m3 (first-class air quality), and the air quality was significantly improved. 


1. In the co-existence mode, the ozone generation amount is 0.05ppm, which is far less than the safety value of 0.15ppm. The sterilization rate reaches 99% after 30 minutes of operation.

2. Ultraviolet does not have penetrating power and does not cause any harm to the human body when it is not directly irradiated; there is a photocatalyst layer, grille filter layer and grille door panel between the ultraviolet sterilization lamp and the cabin to prevent direct exposure to passengers , Can be used safely. 


The air purification system features and advantages

1. Four core technologies 


2. Strong ion photocatalytic polymerization technology, human-machine coexistence, disinfection and sterilization:

Proprietary strong ion technology, combined with UVC ultraviolet, active oxygen, negative ion and photocatalytic polymerization technology, comprehensively and quickly kill viruses and bacteria, and prevent the spread of disease. The sterilization rate is 99.9%, and the dust removal rate is 99.9%. It can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and various odors, smoke, and odors in the vehicle cabin. It has a working mode of human-machine coexistence, disinfection without dead ends, and pollution.

3. Supplement air negative oxygen ions to eliminate travel fatigue.

6 million negative oxygen ions, refresh the air, activate cells, enhance human immunity and eliminate travel fatigue.

4. Air purification, decomposition of harmful gases, maintenance-free and no consumables.
Installed inside the air conditioner grille, small size does not occupy additional space, through the chain reaction to strongly decompose the polluted gas in the cabin, eliminate PM2.5, PM10 suspended particles, keep the air environment in the car fresh and healthy, no consumables during use , Maintenance free. 


5. Remote monitoring, safety warning, intelligent control.

It can be connected to the CAN line of the whole vehicle, and the air quality sensor data can be monitored in real time on the dashboard, and the intelligent switching and real-time safety warning of the purifier's working mode can be realized according to the air quality; the return window has its own independent display (display PM2.5 particle concentration, temperature, humidity and air quality index, optional), allows passengers to intuitively understand the pollution status of the vehicle environment through the display, making the product more higher-class and practical in appearance.

6. High working efficiency, low power consumption, minimal impact on vehicle energy consumption or cruising range.

"Dynamic polarization" mode guarantees long-lasting and stable purification efficiency, the dust holding capacity is several times higher than the filter of the same specification; matched with the power supply system of the passenger vehicle, the power consumption of the disinfectant purifier module of the 12-meter bus is only 10W, safe and energy-saving, suitable Equipped with ordinary and electric buses.

Test of the Air Purifier



Core Competitiveness of SONGZ Air Purifier


Application Cases of SONGZ Air Purification System

At present, it has been supplied in batches on higher-class models of OEMs such as Xiamen Jinlong and Zhengzhou Yutong.



We hope to work together with you to improve the environment during people travel and improve the air quality inside the vehicle!