Air Conditioner for Mini and Midi City Bus or Tourist Bus

Mini Bus Air Conditioning Unit
Air Conditioner for Mini and Midi City Bus or Tourist Bus SZG Series, for 6-8.4m city bus and 5-8.9m tourist bus, AC for mini bus and midi bus

SZGK-I-D (Width in 1826mm)

SZGK-IF-D / SZGK-II-D / SZGK-II/F-D / SZGK-III-D (Width in 1826mm)

SZGZ-I-D (Width in 1640mm)

SZGZ-IF-D / SZGZ-II-D / SZGZ-II/F-D (Width in 1640mm)

Mini Bus Air Conditioning Unit

The Mini Bus Air Conditioning Unit is designed for air conditioning passenger, tour, school buses or any size of urban transportation (diesel or electric powered).

SZG series is a kind of roof mounted air conditioner. It is applicable to 6-8.4m city bus and 5-8.9m tourist bus. In order to have the widest range of the application of the bus models, there are two kinds of width of the SZG series, in 1826mm and 1640 respectively. For more details please check below or you can contact with us at [email protected] for more details.

Technical Specification of Bus A/C SZG Series:



Technical Note:

1. The whole system include the roof unit, air return grille, compressor, and the installation accessories, not include compressor bracket, belts, refrigerant.

2. The refrigerant is R134a.

3. Heating function, and alternator are optional.

4. Compressor VALEO or AOKE is optional.

5. The fan & blower as option like brush or brushless.

6. Please contact us at [email protected] for more options and details. 

SZG Series R&D Background:

With the improvement of people's living standards, the required comfort level is getting higher and higher, resulting in more and more stringent requirements for air conditioners in the OEM, including the appearance of the air conditioner, cooling capacity, noise, etc. The development of the SZG series is designed to meet the customer requirement to the utmost, based on the protection of environment, energy and materials saving, efficiency improvement, weight reduction, low noise and vibration, safety and reliability, and maintenance friendly. SONGZ new products are constantly being developed to meet market demands.

Detailed Technical Introduction of the SZG Series Bus Air Conditioner

1. High-efficiency condenser technology

The condenser is installed upwind, with a large area facing the wind, and air inlets are designed on both sides of the top cover of the condenser, which further reduces the wind resistance of the condenser and improves heat exchange efficiency.

2. Lightweight design

The design of the condenser without bottom shell windward structure. The overall length of the product does not exceed 2.5 meters. The structure layout is compact.  The above design makes product light in weight, and the volume in small.

3. High-tech materials application

SZGZ (narrow body) products, the bottom shell material is made of LFT+ aluminum alloy material. Compared with other composite materials, it has higher specific stiffness and specific strength, good impact resistance; improved creep resistance, and good dimensional stability. The fatigue resistance is excellent, and the total weight of the product is reduced by about 15%.


LFT Bottom Shell for SZG (Narrow Body)

4. Easy for Maintenance

The top cover of SZG wide-body series air conditioner condenser adopts a hinge connection structure. There is no need to remove the whole cover plate when loading the vehicle, which greatly saves installation time. The condensing fan is installed from above, so there is no need to open the cover when removing the condensing fan. When the evaporating motor is being repaired, it is only necessary to open the side covers, which is easy for after sales service.

5. Design for Safety

The side beam of the roof mounted evaporator eliminates the secondary bonding, and the air duct of the evaporator assembly adopts an innovative bottom shell integrated bending structure, which can not only reduce the overall weight of the product, but also effectively prevent the hidden danger of water leakage on rainy days.

6. Wide range of application

The full range of SZG is suitable for buses from 6 to 8.4 meters and tourist bus from 5 to 8.9 meters. At the same time, the total width of the SZGZ (narrow body) air conditioner and the spacing in the air outlet are 180mm, which is 120mm smaller than the wide body, which can be applied to smaller or narrower bus.

The SZG Series Bus AC Functions Upgrade (Optional)

1. Plumbing and heating technology

The water heating pipe can be led out from the core of the evaporator to realize the heating function of the air conditioner and meet the requirements of the ambient temperature in the bus in the cold area.

2. Integrated central control technology

The integration of the control panel and the vehicle instrumentation is convenient for the centralized layout of vehicle control. The remote control function of product control is added to facilitate customer operation management.

3. Applicable to Ultra-low Temperature

It can increase the condensing fan and optimize the system reasonably, which is suitable for the 10-12m bus air conditioner in summer in the cold regions such as Northern Europe.

4. Air purification technology

It includes mainly four functions: electrostatic dust collection, ultraviolet light, strong ion generator, and photocatalyst filtration, which can achieve full-time, uninterrupted anti-virus and sterilization, odor removal and efficient dust removal, effectively blocking the virus transmission path.


5. Energy Regulation Technology

According to the temperature in the bus and the environment, the flow of the fan and compressor is adjusted in multiple stages to reduce the frequent start and stop of the compressor, improve the overall comfort of the passengers, and ensure that the system operates more efficiently.